One Gallon Of Gasoline Is Enough To Charge An iPhone Once A Day For Almost 20 Years

How many gallons of gasoline would it take to charge an iPhone?  Strange question to ask, considering iPhones obviously are charged with electricity, not gasoline. Bill Colton, ExxonMobil’s vice president for Corporate Strategic Planning, recently claimed that one gallon of ExonnMobil gasoline has enough power to charge an iPhone once a day for twenty years.

This will never happen, but it’s fascinating how other industries are using this iconic device to hard sell ( in some cases ) their own product(s). In the press release, or case study, or whatever it is, they go on and on about how gas is one of the lightest and most energy dense fuels there is.

Until someone can figure out how to actually transform a gallon of gasoline into fuel for our iPhones, nobody cares.