Vocalia: Get iPhone 3Gs’s Voice Control On iPhone 2G/3G and iTouch

Vocalia is an AppStore app that has been updated yesterday  version 2.0, with a series of improvements that make the application more like the Voice Control on iPhone 3GS. Obviously this is also compatible with iPhone 2G/3G and iTouch.

Vocalia is able to recognize your voice and, through some commands can access the contacts, the musical library and Safari bookmarks. At the time supported languages for speech recognition are English, German and French, and Italian and Danish are scheduled this summer.

Vocalia customization is pretty sweet too:

  • define “shortcuts” or the short names to call somebody without having to pronounce the name
  • divide the names from surnames
  • set the navigation mode, which will allow you to speak and to call without using our fingers
  • activate the proximity sensor to avoid capturing the noises in the background
  • shake the iPhone to repeat the name of a contact, or a song that is playing

With the new support for the music library (available only with Firmware 3.0) you can choose the artist playlists using your voice, then you must select the specific title of the song to start playback.

You can buy Vocalia from the appstore for $3.99 here