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VLC Re-Licensed as LGPL. Ready for App Store… Again!

In January of 2011, VLC for the iPad disappeared from the App Store. Today, it looks like the popular media player could be heading back soon, as Videolan’s Jean-Baptiste Kempf has announced on his personal blog that VLC has been relicensed using the LGPL. It’s been a long twelve months, but Kempf’s hard work has paid off.

Does that mean VLC fans that don’t want to jailbreak their iOS devices can start celebrating? It might be a tad premature right now, but a little optimism is certainly in order.

The guys at asked Kempf whether his announcement meant that VLC was headed back to the App Store. He replied with a knowing “Maybe  .” Not exactly a confirmation, but with the distribution issue clearly addressed it should only be a matter of time before it pokes its head through the soil of Apple’s walled garden once again.

Stay tuned…