100,000 Stars: Google Begins Mapping the Stars [video]

Having the best digital maps of the planet isn’t enough for Google. After updating Google Mars, the company today unveiled a new project that intends to map our galaxy’s stars.

Dubbed “100,000 Stars,” the project was developed by Google’s Chrome Experiments team and allows you to soar through space and examine some of the biggest stars in our solar system while listening to a score by Mass Effect composer Sam Hulick. So far, Google has been able to label 87 stars, but it’s steadily working on delivering information on more.

Unlike other Google Map offerings, Google says not to depend on “100,000 Stars” for “interstellar navigation” as the data is culled from Wikipedia. We’ll assume that warning is meant for Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

Check out 100,000 Stars by clicking here.