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Virgin American Makes Their Site Fully Available On The iPhone By Removing All Flash Content

There is no secret that the iPhone, despite the fact that it is loosing market share, is the most popular cell phones today. But being an iconic device, does not mean that it has no flaws. One of its flaws is that the device is ( almost ) completely lacking flash support. This is not necessarily a big issue for the consumer, but it certainly is a big issues for companies.

AppleInsider is reporting that Virgin American has dropped Flash content from its new website in order to allow users with Apple iPhones to check in for flights using their mobile.

In an interview with the Register UK, Virgin’s chief technology officer Ravi Simhambhatla said, “I don’t want to cater to one hardware or one software platform one way to another, and Flash eliminates iPhone users. This year is going to be the year of the mobile [for Virgin].”

The Register reported that Virgin’s new Flash-free website is responsible for bringing in 70% of the company’s $100 million in quarterly revenues. The airline’s “crown jewels” website replaces a previous version that used Flash and was less than three years old.

It seems that Apple is, slowly but surely, wining this battle…