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Ventoy Updated to Support Local Disk Image Booting

When it comes to creating bootable flash drives, most people recommend Etcher. I would recommend USBImager ( cross platform ) or Ventoy ( Linux and Windows ).

Today we’re focusing on Ventoy as it received a very nice update. But before we get to that, if you don’t already know, Ventoy is a tool that allows you to create bootable media on USB devices by copying disk images ( for example .ISO files ) straight onto the USB devices.

Not only that but Ventoy also allows you to place multiple disk images ontot he same USB devices, creating a multi-boot USB device.

Since it’s initial release back in 2020, Ventoy added some nice features such as support for IMG disk impages, support for GPT paritions or bypassing Windows 11 requirements during installation.

Today, Ventoy was updated to v1.0.66 and introduces yet another useful feature. The new version of Ventoy gives you the option to boot from local disk images.

NOTE: use with caution as this is the first implementation and it’s experimental at this point

What does this mean? Ventoy, just like any other similar tool, allowed you to create bootable USB devices.

That means that you need to have a USB flash drive and, in Ventoy’s case, copy the disk image on it.

The new feature, however, eliminates the need of a USB flash drive and allows you to keep the images on your local hard drive(s).

Instructions on how to use Ventoy’s new “boot images files from local disk” feature can be found on the official website.