Watch Classic SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes From Your Terminal

spongebob-cli is a new CLI tool that allows you to kick back and relax with some classic episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Its only dependency seems to be mpv player  and youtube-dl or yt-dlp which means it should work on both Linux and macOS ( right now, I don’t have access to a Mac to test it ).


  • If you’re running Arch or a distro based on Arch, you can install spongebob-cli from the AUR.
  • If you running any other distro and ( assuming ) macOS, you can install spongebob-cli with git clone; cd spongebob-cli; chmod +x spongebob-cli; sudo python install


Once spongebob-cli is installed all you have to do is fire up your terminal of choice and run spongebob-cli.

If you run the tool  without arguments it will list all the episodes and you can choose which one to play. Run spongebob-cli -h  to see a list of arguments.

For more info and troubleshooting, check out the project’s page on GitHub.