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‘UnlockID’ Allows You To Unlock Your Mac and Auto-fill Mac Usernames/Passwords Using iPhone 5s’ Touch ID [video]


Previewed a couple of weeks ago, UnlockID is a new Cydia tweak that allows you use your iPhone 5s’ Touch ID to unlock your Mac and auto-fill usernames and passwords on various sites.

There are two pieces of software that you’ll need: UnlockID for iOS ( via Cydia ) and UnlockID for Mac OS X ( download here ). Once everything is installed and configured via the dedicated UnlockID preference pane found in ( iPhone ) all you need to do in order to unlock your Mac, is use your Touch ID. When using the Touch ID on your iPhone 5s, UnlockID uses your device’s bluetooth to send a signal to your Mac telling it that you’ve authenticated successfully on your iPhone 5s.

To auto-fill usernames and passwords on your Mac, you’ll need to do the exact same thing as you would when unlocking your Mac. Go to a page ( Facebook for example ), unlock your iPhone 4s using the Touch ID, and UnlockID will auto-fill your username and password.

UnlockID uses BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy ) in order to preserve battery live. Because of BLE, UnlockID is compatible with OS X Mavericks, iOS 7.0 and above and the following Macs:

  • 2011 MacBook Air or later
  • 2012 MacBook Pro or later
  • 2012 iMac or later
  • 2011 Mac Mini or later
  • 2013 Mac Pro

Via UnlockID’s dedicated preference pane in you can enable/disable the tweak, change the authorization code used to pair your iPhone and Mac .

UnlockID is available for $2.99 on Cydia Store via BigBoss repo…