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UAFaker – Change Your iPhone’s MobileSafari into Firefox, IE, Android Browser and so on

I dont want to get into details like :since when and why because i dont know and i kinda dont care. But as you might know a lot of website have 2 versions – the internet version and the mobile version.

Like my blog for example :

  • i got the internet version or the desktop version that you can see when you access it from your home computer or a laptop
  • and the mobile version that you can see when you check it from your iPhone/iPod Touch or any other phone or mobile device with browsing capabilitys

I suppose you know the benefits of mobile versions of the website, so i will not go in any further details about that. But sometimes is annoying that you can see the “real” website. So what can you do?

Like any other post in this category , lets begin :

New day, new app in cydia.It is called UserAgent Faker. What is it, and what does it do? Well it is a plugin for your device’s MobileSubtrate and it basically will send to the servers the User-Agent of Firefox 3.0.3 instead of sending MobileSafari’s User-Agent. Did you understand that? No? Really, trust me doesent matter. All you need to know is that with this plugin your browser will act like a computer browser and not a mobile device browser.

How do i use it?

  • Install ( duhhh )
  • If you dont have SBSetting , install that as well ( also on cydia )
  • Toggle on in SBSetting ( by swiping your finger over the status bar )
  • Wait for Safari to be killed ( completely exit )

NOTE 1 :

You can disable auto-killing and / or can setup which User-Agent you want to be sent ( android phone, IE, Firefox w/e ), by editing the config file found here : /var/mobile/library/SBSettings/Toggles/UAFaker/UAFaker.plist

NOTE 2 :

In the version 1.1 was a bug at first, which was fixed without incrementing the version number. So everyone who has problems with it: Remove it in Cydia and then install it again. Do not do a reinstall. First remove, then install. This should fix the problems.