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Twitter Petition: AT&T To Offer Reasonable iPhone 3Gs Upgrade Prices

Many of you cant wait for the iPhone 3Gs to be released , June 19th. For regular FSMdotCOM readers, its not a mystery that AT&T prepares some spicy prices for the new iPhone 3Gs. If you didnt know this already, you can also check out the video posted by AT&T on iPhone 3Gs pricing and availability info.Just to fill you in, dont be surprised if you wont get MMS and tethering with the new iPhone OS 3.0 . AT&T is planning to release this services “later this summer” .

Of course, US iPhone/AT&T users are not happy at all about the prices they have to pay for the iPhone upgrade. Well, there is something you can do tho. If you are on Twitter you can sign the petition for AT&T to offer reasonable iPhone 3Gs Upgrade Prices.At the moment im posting this, there are 7362 signatures , so you are more than welcome to join the battle. I dont know if AT&T will take this seriously , but at least there action against the system. Power to the people!

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