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Tuned Allows You to Optimize Linux System Performance


The tuned tuning service can adapt the operating system to perform better under certain workloads by setting a tuning profile. The tuned-adm command-line tool allows users to switch between different tuning profiles.

Tuned is a tool meant for servers but it can also be used on desktops and workstations.


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  • Debian/Ubuntu and derivates sudo apt install tuned tuned-utils tuned-utils-systemtap
  • Arch and derivates yay -S tuned-git

On CentOS, RHEL and Fedora, tuned comes presintalled and activated by default.


Enable tuned service

Enable the tuned service with sudo systemctl enable --now tuned



Use tuned

By default the active profile should be balanced. You can check the active profile with tuned-adm active.

To see a list of profiles, use tuned-adm profiles


As you can see there are quite a few profiles that you can choose from. From here it’s just a matter of enabling and disabling profiles and see what works for you.

To activate a profile use tuned-adm profile profile-name. In this case, since I’m using a Pop!_OS in a virtual machine, I’ll activate the virtual-guest profile.


To turn off tuned tuning profile activity use tuned-adm off , and confirm it’s off with tuned-adm active.


Uninstalling tuned

If you want to uninstall tuned, first you will need to dsable the daemon with sudo systemctl disable --now tuned. To confirm use sudo systemctl status tuned.

Once the daemon is disabled, you can remove the package with sudo apt remove tuned tuned-utils tuned-utils-systemtap , yay -R tuned-git etc.


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