eDEX-UI: A Fully Functioning Sci-Fi Inspired Terminal and System Monitor

If you want to look badass in front of your friends you might want to try out eDEX-UI, a cross platform terminal emulator that doubles as a real-time system and network monitor.

Heavily inspired from the TRON Legacy movie effects ( complete with sound effects ), eDEX-UI runs a real terminal and displays real, live system and network info. There’s also a file browser that follows the current working directory of the terminal .

eDEX-UI can also be themed. There’s a few preinstalled themes, but you can also create your own – see wiki.  Below you can see bashtop running in eDEX-UI with tron disrupted theme .

You can further customize eDEX-UI by changing the shell ( bash comes as default on Linux and macOS and powershell on Windows ), change the keyboard layout and it can run in windowed mode.

There’s also an on-screen keyboard which, at first sight, seems like it’s there just to fill up the space on the screen. But eDEX-UI comes with full support for touch-enabled displays.

Everything about eDEX-UI is great, except one thing. It uses Electron and it’s quite heavy on your system’s resources. But that’s forgivable, as it’s not really meant for you to do any actual work or monitor your system. It’s mainly for display. It’s just eye-candy.

If you want to give eDEX-UI, there’s an .AppImage for Linux, .dmg file for macOS and an .exe installer for Windows. Download here.

To use the .AppImage, don’t forget to make it executable. Alteratively you can use AppImageLauncher.

Arch ( and Arch-based distros ) users can install eDEX-UI from AUR, while macOS users can also install eDEX-UI via Homebrew with brew cask install edex-ui

Check out eDEX-UI in action below. The video is a YouTube nocookie embed. If you don’t want to use YouTube, see the video on invidious.