TinyUmbrella Gets Updated To v4.1.12. Brings Bugfixes And New Features

Notcom, developer of TinyUmbrella released v4.1.12 which comes many bugfixes and features. TinyUmbrella requests SHSH signatures for firmware restores and plays back those signatures enabling iTunes to continue the restore

New in 4.1.12

  • Save All SHSHs – Click on ‘Show All SHSHs’ and the Save SHSH button changes to Save All SHSHs
  • Exit Recovery – Right Click on a recovery device and ‘Exit Recovery’
  • Change device name – Double click on a Known Device to change its name.


  • When connecting a device, prefer my custom device name over the name set on the device – This preference will use the name(s) you set over the name found on the device. Useful for folks with many friends that have phones named ‘iphone’

Download TinyUmbrella for Mac, Windows and Linux here…