Tim Cook Speaks With Goldman Sachs

Yesterday Tim Cook, Apple CEO, was interviewed by Bill Shope at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference.
Here are a few of the topics discussed.

iPhone Growth:

  • While Apple received record-breaking iPhone sales (37 million during the holiday quarter), they still have massive room for growth. As stated by Cook, 90% of all mobile phone sales were not an iPhone and 75% of all smartphone buyers decided to plunge for one of Apple’s many would-be competitors.

iPad Growth:

  • Cook stated that 55 million units at this point, by far the fastest growth ever for an Apple product could have never been predicted. He also said that it benefited significantly from an established base of users familiar with the iPhone and iPod and from the established infrastructures of the iTunes Store and AppStore.

Siri and iCloud:

  • Never before have I considered a beta product to be indispensable – these were the words Cook spoke when addressing his thoughts on Siri. Cook also believes that the iCloud service is a major strategy for the next decade. iCloud already has over 100 million users since its launch a few month ago.

You can see the full interview via a direct stream from here.