There’s an app for that…


With the newest iPhone rumoured to be hitting the market this September, it seems there are more and more smartphones out there designed for every type of gadget lover. Whether you love to get out and about or are more of an introvert, there’s a smartphone for you. Check out some of our highest recommendations for whatever you need. Nokia-Lumia-1020 For the happy snapper Phones are as much as a camera as they are a communicative device nowadays, so if you’re the sort of person who likes to photograph everything from your holiday snaps to what you’re having for dinner, then the Nokia Lumia 1020 is perfect for you. The gadget boasts a 41 megapixel camera, enough to rival most digital cameras today, and was also voted Best Camera Phone 2013 thanks to its HD video and Nokia Rich Recording devices. xl_Samsung-galaxy-s5-10 For the sports fanatic Whether you’re topping one of your fantasy leagues or love to keep an eye on the latest sports bet, you’ll want a phone that’s durable, has a great display and a trustworthy internet connection. The Samsung Galaxy S5 ticks all these boxes, particularly with its display, which “raises the bar for top display performance” according to DisplayMate. The phone was off the charts in terms of brightness, low glare, colour accuracy, infinite contrast ratio, contrast rating in ambient light and smallest brightness variation with viewing angle – perfect for viewing those all important games. xperia-Z1-hero-black-1240x840-3c449514e1daf8b0652a5dc235530ebc For the gaming addict Any true smartphone gaming addict will likely be attached to his or her smartphone wherever they go, so a truly mobile gaming device like the Sony Xperia Z1S is perfect if you can’t help but play Angry Birds while there’s a storm brewing. The device is both waterproof and dustproof, with a 5-inch 442 ppi screen, giving you second to none graphics. What’s more, its Snapdragon chipset processor can handle even the most powerful of games, and with its 32GB of storage plus a further microSD card slot, you can download gaming apps to your heart’s content. HTC-One_Silver_3V-900-80 For the social butterfly Can’t resist a tweet every time a drop of rain falls? Then you’ll love the HTC One. The handy little device features a new interface which adds to Android and adds all your social media and news feeds in one single place. So whether you’ve got a Twitter feed, Facebook statuses or Instagram photos to flick through, you can do it all in one handy scroll. Add that to a pretty impressive camera which works in the lowest of lighting conditions, and you’ve got one happy social media user.

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