TED Books App For iOS [video]

Shorter than a novel, but longer than an article — a TED Book is a great way to feed your craving for ideas anytime. A TED Book is to a book as a TEDTalk is to a lecture: It’s shorter and more personal, more direct and engaging.

And the new TED Books app (coming soon) lets our authors blend their words with multimedia extras that enhance your understanding. Look for rich images, audio, video and social features, along with links and documentation to provide a broader view.

Launched last January, TED Books is now moving away from Kindle singles to their dedicated app. The new platform accommodates browsing through in-line items that can link to images, maps, audio and video. Best of all, the interaction is optional—users choose the way in which they read by toggling the additional elements on or off.

There is also social element that allows for a kind of user-generated marginalia. While books come in at $2.99 on the free app, TED encourages the subscription model for $14.99, which delivers two monthly books for three months. Because users know what to expect from TED, the company can get away with this subscription model.

The TED Books app is set to launch for iPad in the iTunes store in early July. Check out the app in action by watching TED’s video.