HOW TO: Swipe Faster Through Open Apps In iOS 7’s App Switcher [video]


With iOS 7, Apple introduced a new card-style multitasking app switcher UI, where users can swipe ( left and or right ) through card previews of open apps or ( up on a card ) close open apps. The new app switcher UI looks pretty sleek but if you have a lot of apps loaded, it can take a while to flip through and find the app you are looking for. Luckily there’s a nifty little trick that you can use to flip faster through all the apps in your app switcher.

Redditor Unlifer noticed that if instead of swiping on the app cards, you will swipe the icons below the cards the flipping will be happening much faster. Check out the video below to actually see the difference between swiping on the cards vs swiping on the icons.