Supercharge Your iOS 7 Safari With Canopy


Jonathan Bailey updated Canopy for iOS 7. If you’re not familiar with the tweak, Canopy adds a bunch of new features to Mobile Safari, including:

  • Recently Closed Pages (the native implementation from the iPad, so it knows not to remember in Private mode, remembers the page’s back/forward history)
  • Option to prevent the navigation bar from hiding when scrolling
  • Long press on Bookmarks, History items and Reading List items to:
  • Copy the address
  • Add them directly to Reading List or Bookmarks
  • Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Email, iMessage/SMS
  • Paste and Paste & Go inline in the address/search bar
  • Translate any page from the action/share menu
  • Open in Chrome added to the action/share menu
  • Add all open pages to Reading List or Bookmarks folder & Close all open pages
  • Open Safari settings by pressing the gear icon in the Pages View
  • Open Canopy settings by long pressing the gear icon in the Page View
  • Open Safari from Safari settings and Canopy Settings
  • Long press on the View Pages button to open a new page
  • Long press on the Bookmarks button to add current page to bookmarks or to reading list (option in settings)
  • Swipe Reading List items to reveal button to Mark Read or Unread
  • Insert search and address suggestion into their respective text fields without Going/Searching (like in Chrome)
  • Change Home screen web clip settings (full-screen)

As you can see in the list above, Canopy adds a variety of improvements that will make it easier to access the web, share information, make pages easier to access, translate pages, and access shortcuts and buttons whenever you need them.

Once installed, the tweak adds its on preference pane in from where you can configure long pressure gestures for the Pages button, Bookmarks button, and Done button. You can also configure the behavior of the navigation bar, web page translation and the default translation language.

Canopy for iOS 7 is available for $1.99 on Cydia Store via BigBoss repo. Unfortunately it’s only compatible to the iPhone and iPod touch. No iPad support yet.