Add Keyboard Shortcuts In iOS 7 With SlideCut


SlideCut is a new iOS tweak by developer r_plus, specifically designed for complex text editing tasks. Once installed, the tweak will allow you to easily access text editing tasks by simply holding down the space bar and then dragging over to a certain key on the keyboard.

With SlideCut installed, certain keys on the keyboard have been assigned certain tasks:

  • X: Cut
  • C: Copy
  • V: Paste
  • A: Select All
  • Z: Undo
  • Y: Redo
  • Q: Start line
  • P: End line
  • B: Beginning of Document
  • E: End of Document
  • S: Select word
  • H: Move to Left
  • J: Move to Down
  • K: Move to Up
  • L: Move to Right

SlideCut seems easy to use and it can be very helpful, especially if working in apps like Pages. If you want to give SlideCut a run, you can get it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo…