Stereolizer: Turns Your iPad Into 80s Radio-Cassette [video]

Stereolizer turns your iPad into a 1980s stereo, complete with twitching VU-needles, a big volume knob and a tape deck, so you can pirate your music the old-fashioned way.

Stereolizer tunes into internet radio stations searchable by name or country. You can also spin the dial to find radio streams, and you get authentic-sounding fake radio interference, just as you would with a real radio.

Press Record on the tape deck to capture audio for later, and then write on the tape to remember what you recorded (the handwriting-like labels are filled for you with the station name and date). You can also reorder the tracks, just like making a mix tape.

There are some redundant controls: The bass and treble controls do nothing, and trying to stick a pair of headphones into the on-screen jack is a recipe for disaster.

Stereolizer is available for €1,59 in the French app store….


[via wired]