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StacksV3 For iPhone and iPod Touch To Be Updated This Weekend?

So rumors are that StacksV3 alpha will be getting updated this weekend. Stacks is one of my favorite jailbroken apps from developer Steven Troughton-Smith. I’ve been using it since the first iPhone.

What’s new? This build of Stacks should make use of that plural “S”, now with the introduction of multiple Stacks. Now before you start thinking ” multiple Stacks? isn’t that going to slow down things?” Trought-Smith says “They’re not dynamic, and they don’t slow it down significantly”

Also added is instant display of notification badges inside the Stack. And it also appears that its not broken in iTunes 9 and 3.1

This is a private alpha, so to get in on it you have to donate. Money well spent in my book.

Until they release the new update you can check out the alpha version in .deb format here. Check out how to install it here.

by ZekeFSM