HowTo: Install Stacks V3 On Your iPhone and iPod Touch

In the previous post, we told you that Stacks might get updated this weekend and we also provided you with the alpha version of Stacks V3. Now its time to learn how to install it.This one is a little more advanced for you new people, but still very easy. Just follow along.

Stacks V3 is in a private alpha that you can get in on, if you make a small donation to its developer Steven Troughton-Smith. It brings the same Stacks from Mac OS 10.5 to your iPhone/iPod Touch. Stacks has been a cool added feature for some time, but it wasn’t until V3 that, in my opinion that things got really cool.

With V3, you can move the stack around to anywhere on your springboard and also rename it. Rumor is that the next release will come this week-end and support multiple stacks. That will go great with the ability to hide apps using Poof! or SBSettings. Kinda like a smoother version of Categories.

All right, enough talk, lets get to installing!

You’ll need to download the Stacks debian file…if you donated, you’re ready to go with a link you got from the developer…if you didn’t donate, shame on you. You can find it out there, google is your friend.

Download it and add it to the var/mobile folder of your device.(I use Disk Aid for this kinda stuff) I always find it easier to rename the .deb to something short and easy, because you are going to have to type it in mobile terminal. I use Disk Aid for this kinda stuff

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and install Mobile Terminal on your device from Cydia.Ok ready? Here we go…On your device make sure there is an empty spot on your dock. You’ll see why in a minute.

Now open terminal(yes i know you could SSH into your device from the comforts of a laptop or desktop but this is how iIm doing it).

Type in su and hit return

Its going to ask for a password type alpine…it doesn’t show any characters while you type (whoa! how’d I know your password?..It’s the default)

now type dpkg-i ****.deb (whatever your Stacks .deb file is called (Told you to rename it some thing simple).

Its going to run some code and then all you need to do is respiring. And Stacks will show up in your dock. Easy huh? Even has settings in the Settings app.

You can also do this for any .deb packages you download if you don’t want to always use Cydia (see you’re learning new stuff!)

If all this sounds can also add a source(i’m not telling which one unless you ask) in Cydia and install it that way. But then you didn’t learn anything.

Now, I’m nobody’s pimp, but if you like Stacks go over and hit donate over here.

Here’s some screen shots with StacksV3 installed:

by ZekeFSM