Stabil-i Is The Perfect Tool For Achieving Cinema-Quality Video [video]

Here at FSMdotCOM we love our iPhones. Personally I use my 4S for everything, from appointments and reminders to shopping and travel planning, gaming and media consumption to web surfing and social networking. Of course one of the biggest advantages and most popular uses for the iPhone is the camera.

The iPhone 4S was blessed with a fantastic 8 mega-pixel camera that features advanced optics which is all well and good but the image-stabilisation that is also featured doesn’t work well against a major foe: shaky-hand syndrome.

Meet Stabil-i Case, the world’s first, pocket-sized, precision balanced, video stabilization phone case that truly eliminates shake.
The case appears very complex at first which might put some potential customers off but is in fact very simple to operate. Simply unfold the back of the case, put the metal bracket into position and go.

The design itself has taken over a year and 21 different designs to perfect but the proof is definitely in the pudding as the videos demonstrate. Personally I’m not particularly fond of the overall appearance of the case but the ‘before’ and ‘after’ clips included show that it definitely works.

The project is currently awaiting full funding with various backing stages that offer a variety of packages over at Kickstarter, where you can find further information too.