HumanToolz Stand: The Most Vesatile iPad Stand [video]

As an owner of an iPad since the first-gen tablet was released and created a storm, I know that iPad stands can be found anywhere and come in a range of styles, colors and materials to match everyone’s needs. The fact that Apple have there own range of iPad SmartCovers that double up as a stand is proof that it’s definitely a micro-market that’s worth a lot of money.

The problem is that everyone is trying to create something new and interesting in an accessory market already saturated with cheap and often tacky products.

Personally I prefer a case or stand that is specifically designed to do what it was meant to and nothing else. Many all-rounders fail at either the protective part of an iPad case or the sufficient viewing angles expected of an iPad stand. Thankfully there is a rare gem awaiting your backing over at Kickstarter.

The HumanToolz iPad stand is beautiful to look at, crafted from the aircraft-grade aluminium that iDevice owners will be familiar with and is some to use.

It doesn’t add a protective layer of awesomeness to your iPad as many makers claim their products do and won’t save it from a horrible death after falling from a stupid height. It simply provides a magnetic fold-out stand that allows you to securely position the iPad at ANY viewing angle.

It sounds very simple and it is. You may even ask yourself why would I prefer that over my $10 all-rounder case/stand that I got from some obscure manufacturer in China? At half the weight of Apples own SmartCover, more durable than the competitors, beautiful and discrete design ranging from 15mm-54mm thick, landscape and portrait viewing and the ability to still utilise your SmartCover – how many more reasons do you need?

Check it out over at Kickstarter for more info and to back this product before you miss out.