Sony Showcases The Insane Detail Of The 4K Ultra HD [video]


The new advert from Sony showcases the company’s 4K Ultra HD TV – delivering four times the detail of Full HD TV for the ultimate picture quality. In the video, directed by Jaron Albertin, around 8 million petals were used to symbolise the beautiful 8 million pixel display, only possible with 4K TV.

At an eye-popping resolution of 3840 x 2160, the detail’s so sharp and clear the viewer is immersed in the realism. As flowers erupt majestically from a volcano and sweep through Costa Rica’s vibrant landscape, the ad conveys the emotional power of seeing Ultra HD for the first time and experiencing the deeper, more natural tones of the unique TRILUMINOS Display showing more of the colour spectrum.

Everything was shot in 4K with Sony’s F55 and F65 cameras, the same cameras that were used on movies Oblivion and After Earth.

NOTE: Watch the video in 1080p. Then just imagine it 4x sharper!

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