Sony To Release The Smartshot QX ‘Smart Lens’ In A White/Champagne Gold Color Option



Earlier this month we showed you Sony’s upcoming lenses for iPhone and Android that will come with a built-in sensor, Bionz processor, Wifi/NFC wireless connection and SD card slot. With a confirmed ‘champagne’ gold iPhone 5S, Sony will also be releasing this lenses in a white/gold color option and they will be announced at Sony’s IFA event in Berlin.

These lenses have no LCD screen and no usual camera controls. You will be able to control them through your smart phone or tablet (via WiFi or NFC). The lenses can be magnetically attached on your smartphone and it works on both,iOS and Android devices.

Sony’s upcoming lenses clip onto the front of iPhones and Androids and communicate via Wi-Fi. A companion app controls the add-on camera’s functions and saves the resulting photos onto an SD card. One of the cameras featured above is supposedly based on the RX100 which uses a large one-inch sensor, while the other has a 10x zoom and a 1/2.3-inch 18-megapixel sensor.

The QX10 has the same 1/2,3 inch 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and  f/3,3-5.9 lens as the Sony WX150 ($400 on Amazon). The QX100 (not the one pictured here which is the QX10) costs $450. That is $300 less than the price of the RX100MII camera ($748 here at Amazon) that features the same sensor and lens! Great pricing! You can get the best compact camera yet on market for $300 less.

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