Sony To Release The Smartshot QX ‘Smart Lens’ In A White/Champagne Gold Color Option

With a confirmed ‘champagne’ gold iPhone 5S, Sony will also be releasing this lenses in a white/gold color option and they will be announced at Sony’s IFA event in Berlin.

New High-Quality Videos Show The ‘Champagne’ Gold iPhone 5S, A First Look At The Graphite iPhone 5S [video]

The first video compares the internal structure of the iPhone 5S casing to that of the iPhone 5. The second video we see the iPhone 5S shell compared not only to the iPhone 5, but to the ‘iPhone 5C’ casing as well. And finally, the third video we get a look at the recently speculated graphite edition of the iPhone 5S.

‘Champagne’ Gold iPhone 5S Scratch and Scuff Test [video]

Will the champagne gold iPhone 5S scratch and scuff as bad as its older brother the black iPhone 5?