Songbird Remote Pro for iPhone and iTouch (.ipa)

I don’t know about you, but i totally hate iTunes. At least on Windows i hate it.I can live with it on Mac, because i get another experience from it, but any cross-platform software that you will find out there, will give you one experience on PC and a totally other experience on Mac so…

So you might be looking for some alternatives for iTunes, and of course one of the most popular alternatives is Songbird. If you are a Songbird user/fan , that you will going to love this app: Songbird Remote Pro, which will let you perform some task… well you pretty much got the idea. Exactly what the names says, using this app, you will turn your iPhone or iTouch in a remote for Songbird. But just as a quick preview of what you can do with this app, here you go:

  • Control your music running on Songbird media player from your iPod touch, or iPhone from anywhere in you wifi range.
  • Play, pause, skip, previous, next, volume scrubbing, and shuffle control.
  • Select songs by Playlist, Album, Artist, Genre.
  • Rate your songs.
  • Artist photo slide show while music playing.
  • Artist biography.


  • Songbird Remote requires iPod touch or iPhone to be on same wifi network as computer running Songbird.
  • The appropriate “iBirdRemoteX.xpi” add-on must also be installed in Songbird on the computer you wish to control. You can obtain this extension from within Songbird itself at

Buy this app from iTunes for $3.99 here