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CSS Cheat Sheet iPhone and iTouch App (.ipa)

Even seasoned CSS (cascading style sheet) developers need a quick refresher course in CSS properties and values from time to time. The CSS Cheat Sheet for iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to address that need. Use it as a quick reference for topics you’ve already learned but need a few reminders on, or if you’re still a beginner to CSS, use it to better understand what CSS has to offer.

This is a native app, not just a link out to internet references. It’s searchable and has an easy to use interface that helps you quickly find what you’re looking for. The categories are useful and well defined. The cheatsheet includes descriptions, values and examples for backgrounds, borders, classifications, dimensions, fonts, lists, margins, media types, outlines, padding, positioning, units, colors, tables, text, selector types, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements and selector patterns.

Unlike apps that cobble together random references from the web, this cheatsheet is written and reviewed by professional web developers that use CSS on a daily basis. We keep up with changing specifications and provide free updates in the same simple, easy to use format.

Works offline for study on the go!

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Download .ipa file here