A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature [iPad Video]

Earlier today i posted on our Facebook page the making of, of the video that you see above. This is how the guys at VIV Mag will use the iPad, and the interactive article uses video, sound and print in a remarkable way that really makes you think about the amazing possibilities available in this emerging world of “digital print.”

Now i know what you’re thinking: why is this suitable only for the iPad or tablet devices? The exact same format can get to us on our laptops or even ( maybe – although screen real-estate sucks ) on our iPhones. Why would any publication, wants to spend so much money and time, every week, for something like this?

Well, as the platform matures, there will be more and more skilled people, templates and tools. The costs and time to produce something like this will reduce drastically.

And yes, the exact same format can get to us on our laptops. But as stupid as it sounds, there’s something magical about the iPad ( tablets ) – you can touch the internet.

Here’s the making of: