Since the holiday/shopping season is here, i decided to present you another useful app for this time of year. Well, to be honest , this app is useful anytime so, let’s begin :

This is a simple and useful app , that uses iPhone’s camera to find more info about DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Books.All you need to do is to point and shoot the cover of any or this items and you good to go. I was actually surprised on how accurate the search was. And not only that was accurate, it was quick and painless as well.

What do i mean by painless? I mean i didn’t need to take 2-3-4 shoots of one product , in order for the app to recognize it and send me the results.

Depending on the product, your options for additional information will be: Buy from, IMDb, GameSpot, WikiPedia, Rotten Tomato, or the Google and Yahoo search results. All of these locations load up right in the app itself.

The items that you’ve looked for will remain in the SnapTell Explorer screen until you delete it. Of course , you can leave all the info there for later reference.

This app looks and feel a lot like Amazon’s Remembers , but the only difference is that , SnapTell has a wider field of search.

All in all , this is a very useful app and best of all IT IS FREE and you can download it from the appstore.