Sleipnir: New Web Browser Brings Full Screen Experience On The iPhone And iPad [video]

Here’s an intriguing browser for the iPhone coming out of Japan:Sleipnir Mobile is a web browser for iPhone that enables you to browse smoothly and efficiently with functional tabs. Tabs are always displayed on the screen so that you can open, close and sort them while viewing a page. Tab operation feature – flick to close a tab and touch and hold a link to open in new tabs in the background etc. – are very unique to Sleipnir Mobile.

Billed as a “web browser with highly functional tab features,” Sleipnir Mobile’s tabbed browsing features a couple of fun characteristics. The “Flick Wipe” function allows users to very simply flick a tab (located along the bottom, not on top) off screen by pushing it down out of view. The browser’s “Hold & Go” feature lets you touch and hold a link to open it up in the background.

Sleipnir is available for free in the app store…

[via tuaw]