Siri Has Been Successfully Ported to All iOS5 Devices. Coming Soon, No Jailbreak Required

Developer and Coffee lover Jackoplane is claiming that he has successfully ported much loved and currently iPhone 4s only feature Siri to all iDevices running iOS 5. Now, we know what you’re saying “I’ve seen the videos of Siri on iPhone 4 and it’s lagging and unresponsive!”. Well, Mr. Jack says he’ll be posted a video of it “shortly”.

Oh and one more thing, @Jackoplane says you will not need to be jailbroken to get Siri working on your iOS 5 device, Jack mentions you can use a called “NSFileManager”, which I looked up and it’s not for the non-developer type people to say the least . But let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this isn’t a hoax to get some attention.

murdaFSM edit:

I really really doubt you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to get Siri. You need some frameworks that can only be implemented if you have root access. Probably Jackoplane was saying that he doesn’t need a jailbreak to get Siri out of the iPhone4s. But everybody else needs a jailbreak to get Siri.

[by MontyDesi]