Shazam for iPhone Can Now Listen For Songs and Shows And Tag Them In The Background


Ever rush to identify a song with Shazam with your phone, only to be frustrated as the tune ends before you’ve even reached into your pocket? That won’t be a concern with the latest update to Shazam’s iPhone app. Much like on the iPad, the new audio recognition software can listen for music, live events and TV shows in the background, even if the device is locked; a night at the bar could leave you with a full playlist. There’s still no corresponding Android update, but iPhone owners can start producing the soundtrack of their lives after a quick trip to the App Store.

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New for iPhone and iPod touch:

  • Auto Shazam does the hard work for you by continuously recognizing popular music and TV around you. Flip the switch on the Shazam home screen to turn on Auto Shazam, and automatically recognize while you commute or watch a movie, even if you leave the Shazam app or lock your phone.

New for all users:

  • Share Shazam Tags with friends on WhatsApp
  • Pin Shazam tags to your favourite Pinterest boards
  • Share Shazam Tags using iOS Messages


  • The app will not ask to use your location again if you have previously said no

Shazam is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) on the App Store..