Setup Google Tasks On Your iPhone

With Google we can sync our contacts and calendar with our iPhone, but now Google brings a new option Tasks. Tasks lets you manage your to-do list while you’re on the go. You can create lists of things you need to get done and check off tasks as they’re completed.Fore more info on Tasks please read about it at Google Labs.

How to use Tasks on the iPhone. Follow the tutorial and you will be able to use them in no time.

Set up iGoogle page

Some of you might already have this one. But if you dont use the iGoogle page , this can be done by going to and logging in with your google account details. By the way, this is on your computer’s browser. The i in iGoogle is not the same as the i in iPhone ( is it? i always thought that the i in every mac product stands for internet, so it might be the same ) . And dont expect your iGoogle page to look like the in the pic below . That is just a iGoogle theme i use.

Somewhere ( usually on the right side below the search bar ) you will see Add Stuff . Click on that, and you will get a new page full of shiney things. Make sure your on the Gadgets Tab and search for Tasks . It should be the first one in the list. Click on the button below Tasks thats says Add it now.

click to enlarge

After you added the gadget, return to your iGoogle page, and your should see the gadget right below the google search field.This page works very well as a Start Page when you start your browser instead of the plain old google page. Once a task is created or updated on your phone, it will sync to igoogle. Wherever you login to this page, your tasks will be available to you.

Configure your phone to work with Google Tasks

Load MobileSafari and browse to You will then need to login to this page with your gmail account.Once you are logged in, you will see a simple page. This is your main list.

To add a task, click new task and an empty text box will appear. Type in the name of the task and click done.In order to add more information to the task, click on the task again and click the blue arrow to the right of the task. This will bring up a page that will allow you to add more detailed notes to your task.Tap Done then Back and the task will be updated with the notes.

Once you have completed a task, click the box to the left of the task. Once the task is completed, you can leave it or you can remove all of your completed tasks by clicking the Clear completed tasks button.When in a task list such as the standard list, you can tap the ‘all lists’ button on the top left of the screen. This will take you to a list where you can make new task lists, each with it’s own group of specialized tasks.

Google Tasks Easy Access

Im sure, that if you will use Google Task, you’re not crazy about the idea of loading MobileSafari and typing in the address every time.What you can do , is to save Google Tasks on your SpringBoard and it will appear as an normal app icon.

Learn how to do that here