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Get FSMdotCOM On Your iPhone/Touch Springboard

Lately i’ve noticed that more and more visits to this blog are comming from iPhones. So i thought i would make this easier for you guys out there. If you have room for one more icon on your SpringBoard, you can now put this blog there as if it would be an app.

Does it make any sense? Well it will in a moment…

First of all you need to open MobileSafari and type my address there : Once your on the blog, you need to tap the ” + ” on the bottom of the screen.

When you tap that button, you will get a pop-up window and you will have 3 options. You will need to tap the middle option ” Add to Home Screen “

Now this is the final step. You will get a new window where you can set the name of the new icon. By default it automatically takes the blogs name Funky Space Monkey. Now this will be too long for a SpringBoard icon, so i suggest you type FSMdotCOM.

That’s it. Now you have this blog as a shiny icon on your SpringBoard. Anytime, anywhere , no matter the weather , this blog will be just one tap away.