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I have been asked today to do a review for a site that offers solution to constipation problems. This is something i would normally not write about, well in this blog at least. But since this is the only blog i got ( i got like 4-5 others but i dont deal with them anymore ) and i thought it was funny as hell to be asked to write about ” constipation ” , well……. Anyway bare with me, cause as funny as it sounds, this is , in fact, a serious deal. I mean imagine yourself as a dead end street : all sorts of stuff are going in and nothing comes out.

Self-massage treatment constipation appears to be borrowed from China and this type of massage is closely related to acupuncture and considered to be effective for a similar range of health problems. Their website is presented to you in a very minimalistic design but pretty straight forward. The hilarious thing is that they actually answer the question ” What is constipation? “… i mean if you got on their site ( from google, or from blogs like mine, or a friend told you , really doesent matter ) , doesent that imply that you are pretty familiar with the term?

The only nice thing about this site , is that they don’t waste none of your constipated time, and they present everything , live i’ve said , straight forward . The rest kind of boring and horrible. Well if you come to think about it, how should a web site about constipation look like?

One thing that i dont like is that they, as a business or service providers, are displaying ads from Google AdSense. And it’s ok, somehow i understand, everybody’s mouth got to eat. The column of ads doesen’t bother me that much, but they choose to display a horrible banner ad for ” 5 Tips to get a flat stomach “. Well , it seems that people are crazy about that, so they think they are strategic. But wake up, in order for you to earn revenue from that horrible ad, you must have tons and tons of traffic. And from what i see, you don’t do well at all in that area.

All in all , i am pro alternative medicine, and i really recommand you this site if you are constipated. Don’t mind the graphics, don’t mind the ads… remember that you can’t shit and that way more important.

P.S. : i might not get paid for this post, but the fact that i am pro alternative medicine and what they are offering, doesen’t change my oppinions on the rest of the deal. I am a blogger, and my moral duty is to provide to my readers info based on what i really think about…. well, what ever i write about