Rumor: iPhone Firmware 3.1.1 Might Come Out September 25th

We got quite a few emails from confused readers that were asking the same question: what’s the difference between firmware 3.1 and 3.1.1. The answer is simple: FW 3.1 is for iPhone and FW 3.1.1 is for iTouch.

Seems that we’re not the only ones that had to deal with this kind of questions. MuscleNerd from the iPhone DevTeam was asked on twitter the same question , and gave the same answer. BUT, MuscleNerd added something interesting in there. He said that iPhone FW 3.1.1 should come out on September  25th. Simple math tells us that the next iPhone FW will be out 16 days from the previous release.

There is one problem tho: why did Apple released an enhanced version of the firmware for iTouch only and wait another 2 weeks to release it for the iPhone? Stay tuned…