Rotten Search: Rotten Tomatoes’ Database Of Movies on Your iPhone [video]

“Rotten Search” is a new app for iPhone and iPod touch. Finally an elegant, stylish and easy to use way to check about the movies you want to see when you’re on the go.

Based on Rotten Tomatoes famous database of movies, Rotten Search gives users all the cast members info, the synopses, the posters and much more about virtually any past, showing and upcoming movies… and Rotten Tomatoes’ review & public ratings are already included as a special bonus!

Gorgeous graphics, a blazing fast coverflow, ultra-cool animations are some of the surprises users will discover from Rotten Search’s interface.

Rotten Search is available for free ( ad-supported ) in the app store…You can disable the ads with an in-app purchase for less than a dollar.

NOTE: Rotten Search is not an official app from Rotten Tomatoes and Flixter. Flixter & Rotten Tomatoes don’t endorse this app. The name Rotten Tomatoes and Rotten Tomatoes Rating are trademarks of Flixter.