Robotvision: iPhone 3Gs Augmented Reality Browser

My guess is that you noticed by now, that we do not talk to much about apps here on FSMdotCOM. Reason is simple: there are a gazillion of sites doing the same thing. Do we really need another one? I think there are much more important thing that we need to focus on.

But there is something that really excites us and that is augmented reality. And today we’re going to talk about robotvision, an augmented reality browser for iPhone 3Gs.

Search for nearby locations, restaurants, points of interest — you name it! All using the power of Bing local search. Discover photographs taken and geotagged by Flickr users in the area. Find and engage with people on Twitter in your area – all just by looking around like you normally would!


  • Type in anything you want to find with Open-ended Search
  • Get a top down view form Google Maps by looking down
  • Quickly select from popular location categories like Coffee Shops and Tourist Attractions
  • Discover rich, social content like Flickr and Twitter with more on the weay!
  • Easily jump to more info on Bing like restauarant reviews, call a location or get driving directions
  • Touch to select and navigate through items around you
  • Set your range with an Adjustable Radius

PS: noticed that the app uses Bing and not Google. this should tell you something…