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Research Shows That Sunday Is The Most Successful Day To Release Apps

Mobilewalla, the search, discovery and analytics engine for apps, has conducted new research and found that Sunday is the best day to release apps even though Wednesday is the most popular yet worst day. Mobilewalla analyzed apps released in the Apple Store and the Android Market in a 17-week period between May 16th and September 8, 2011; total number of apps released during this period: Apple 91,754 and Android 122,220. The apps were sorted by the day of the week they were released.

The most salient findings are:

  • Apps released on Sunday have statistically performed the best. A total of 42% of apps released on Sunday in the Apple Store reach the top 240 while 11% of apps launched in the Android Market achieve the same status.
  • Thursdays are the worst days to release apps for success on Android (only 7% of apps achieve top 240 status) while Friday is the worst day for Apple (when 10% reach the top 240).
  • An app on the Apple platform is 4 times more likely to be discovered compared to an app on the Android Market.

Anindya Datta, Ph.D., founder and chairman of Mobilewalla published a corresponding brief on this subject called “The Best Day to Release your App to Facilitate Discovery and Success,” exclusively for members of Mobilewalla’s Developer Forum. Datta explains, “We looked at the correlations between apps released on specific days of the week and their achieved level of success (measured as the highest ranking obtained in their native app stores). “The reasons for the differential lie in the ease of discoverability of apps in the two platforms. In fact, an app in the Apple platform is 400% more likely to be discovered compared to an app on the Android Market.”

“Apple users discover apps more conveniently than Android users. And while it is impossible to identify exact causes for this pattern, users may find it easier to browse items in the relatively low number of apps launched over the weekend.”