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RepairPal – Auto Service At The Tip of Your Fingers

What is RepairPal and how can it help you? RepairPal will help by telling you

  • estimate price to fix your car
  • where to find a mechanic or a shop near you
  • and it will offer you roadside assistance

The app has 3 categories :

  • Get an Estimate
  • Find a Shop
  • Assistance

Get an Estimate

Once you load the app, this is pretty straightforward. You will need to choose the car and the model of the car that you own and than choose the service that you need for your car.

After you choose your options from a pre set list you will need to enter the zip code or city & state that you live in and tap on “Get Estimate”. ( you can also tap that target symbol that you’ve seen in maps and let the app locate you. )

A new window will show up and it will give you estimated prices for the service and recommendations.

Find a Shop

This is where the app helps you find a shop near you. First you need to insert your location ( or let the app locate you ) and than enter the brand of the car that you own.The app will indicate where is the nearest shop . It is able to locate shops from 1 mile to 25 miles away from your current location.

Assistance  ( Roadside Assistance  )

This is pretty much what the name indicates. Find the brand of your car, tap on it, and the app will give you the phone number that you need to call in order to get  Roadside Assistance.

The good news and the bad news

The bad news is that this app is only works inside the US. Have no idea how the app located me in Clinton , IA.

The good news is that you can get this app from the app store for FREE. [ iTunes link ]