Quicksilver for Mac Updated to v1.0 After 10 Years in Beta


OS X launcher utility Quicksilver has finally graduated from beta status, almost ten full years since it first made its debut. Quicksilver is a launcher utility app for Mac OS X which gives you the ability to perform common, every-day tasks rapidly and without thought. An introduction to Quicksilver’s abilities include:

  • Accessing applications, documents, contacts, music and much, much more.
  • Browsing your Mac’s filesystem elegantly using keywords and ‘fuzzy’ matching.
  • Managing content through drag and drop, or grabbing selected content directly.
  • Interacting with installed applications through plugins.

Version 1.0.0 of the application was released for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 today for free and comes with the following changelog:

  • Preliminary support for retina displays

    • Many internal images have been upscaled
    • Icons and images are no longer downscaled in the interface
  • Assign the same trigger to different actions in different applications
  • Add files and folders to the catalog using the Add To Catalog action
  • AppleScript Action enhancements – http://qsapp.com/wiki/AppleScript_Actions
  • Assign an alternate name to something by creating a synonym
  • Plugin documentation is now accessible from the plugin’s preferences
  • Plugin documentation is accessible directly from the list of plugins via a button in the bottom-right
  • Trigger type can be specified in the third pane for the Add Trigger action
  • Clipboard history will omit “transient” data
  • New localizations for Korean, Catalan, Chinese (Hant, China) and Spanish (Mexico)

You can download Quicksilver for free here…