QuickScroll: New Safari Plugin

QuickScroll is a new plugin for Safari developed by  KennyTM , same dude that developed iKeyEx. With this plugin we can move quickly within the web pages or PDF files via open web display and is an mobilesubstrate extension.

To activate it you must hold a finger in any part of the screen and simultaneously, with another, you will have to make 3 quick taps. A small popup will appear where we can move inside the WEB page, in case we were in a PDF file will have the opportunity to enter the page number you want to reach as well.

What you need?

  • OpenSSH ( via Cydia )
  • MobileTerminal ( via Cydia )
  • Cyberduck (Mac) or WinSCP ( Windows )


  • hk.kennytm.quickscroll-0.1-12a.deb

How To Install?

  1. Using Cyberduck Or WinSCP SSH into your device
  2. Copy hk.kennytm.quickscroll-0.1-12a.deb anywhere on your device, but remember the path. I have mine in ” /deb ” ( a folder i created on root )
  3. Load MobileTerminal on your device and type:
  • su root
  • alpine
  • cd /deb ( or ” cd /path_to_your_.deb_file )
  • dpkg -i hk.kennytm.quickscroll-0.1-12a.deb
  • respring your device