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HOW TO: Put Your AppleTV In DFU Mode

There’s no secret that SHAtter can jailbreak the AppleTV 2G, and we even told you that the new Apple gadget is set up for installing applications. So, in the anticipation of a new jailbraking tool, let’s quickly review how to put your AppleTV in DFU mode.

1. Connect your AppleTV to your computer via a microUSB cable ( NOT included in the package by Apple )

2. On your AppleTV remote, hold Menu+Down for 6 seconds – you will see the LED blinking rapidly on your AppleTV

3. Now release the two buttons, and press Menu+Play button for another 6 seconds

4. Now you should see your AppleTV in iTunes

5. To get it out of DFU mode, press Menu+Play

I know we’re not the first to write about this, but we did it the best…