Posted inNEWS Alert FSMdotCOM In Real Time is an innovative application for the iPhone that lets you communicate with other people via push notification. You can also send messages to users who do not have an iPhone because the service is also accessible from the Web and allows you to send and receive messages.

The app was part of the FSMdotCOM Christmas Giveaway bundle , and right now you can find it for free in the appstore ( for a limited period of time ) . Because of its functionality and because we just can’t keep up with all the emails we get from you guys, we also introduced the widgets in the sidebar.

To use it, just write a message in the main field and then insert your name in the “signature” field. Just click “Push” and we shall immediately receive the alert on our iPhones!

Reason for this widget

Our email inbox is full at the moment, and no matter how hard we try to reply to all of you, we are overwhelmed. We just can’t figure out if it is a support email, a hot tip, news etc. This widget will be the easiest way for anybody who wants/can send us hot tips, news and so on. DO NOT use this widget for support and help. Also, please avoid “testing” the widget.

If you send us valuable tips that will be featured on FSMdotCOM, make sure you choose the right name for yourself. We will always give you props, unless you request not to do so.

Other tips/requests

IF you have any problem or question related to an article found on FSMdotCOM, please do not send us an email. Comment on that particular article and share your problems/questions/thoughts. We will stop solving problems via email. If your problem/question is not related to an article written on FSMdotCOM, feel free to email us.