THE PLATEAU ( .ipa )

Please restart your device before playing this game to avoid technical issues.

The Plateau is a non-area, a corridor between worlds.

Immerse yourself in the mind-bending space challenge. Unravel holographic structures of orbs connected with glowing lines to find your way through unknown origins of the outer space. Become an intergalactic strategist and hover through Challenge mode, carefully planning your moves. Approach light speed of thinking in Arcade mode. Plan. Search for solutions. Design them.

Incredibly thought-out game design: each visual element on screen contributes to gameplay experience. Even apparently unimportant aspects like backgrounds can make your life more difficult.

Floating among myriads of unknown stars and galaxies, put your brain to an ultimate trial of The Plateau.


  • Dazzling artwork by Apple Design Award winner, Piotr Gajos and out-of-this-world coding by Sourcebits.
  • Haunting, ambient music by Sergei Starko.
  • Challenge mode: 50 levels of mind-twisting puzzles. Figure out a strategy, untangle, collect points and advance to new worlds.
  • Arcade mode: 50 levels of puzzles that you have to untangle as fast as possible. Otherwise lose your path to resolution and fail.
  • 5 beautiful, distinct worlds to discover.
  • Each level is generated with an advanced AI algorithm, so every game you play is unique.
  • Automatic game saving.
  • Personal high scores.

Remember that if you uninstall the game, all your personal data (save games and high scores) will be lost.

Coming in future updates:

  • Online high scores
  • More game modes
  • Multiplayer mode

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