PinchMedia: Statistics on iPhone Firmware and Jailbreak

actualidadiPhone had the opportunity to access some data collected by PinchMedia, the first agency of analysis that deals with monitoring the use of applications. In this case, the study concerns the spread of the various versions of the operating system dell’iPhone and Jailbreak. Below are the graphs showing the results of an analysis done by including all programs tracked by PinchMedia and newer versions of the operating system, starting from 2.0.1.

The images show that:

  • Most users (66%) using the firmware 2.2.1;
  • only 1 in 4 uses the new 3.0 firmware;
  • 7.3% of iPhone and iTouch owners has jailbreaked their device;
  • owners of unlocked devices and applications use less “jailbreak” compared to users who buy regularly.