PayUpSucker! Easy I.O.U Maker.

This is the first app that I had approved, its supposed to be fun and kitchy. Not the “next big thing” just fun for you and your friends. I can think of a bunch of non-PC IOU’s that I have sent already. Available here in the iTunes store

Owe somebody big? Like I mean really big. They owe you something big? And I don’t mean money…I mean something big like a favor, or a poke in the ribs, or maybe just a hug, or…..maybe money.

Then this is all you need to remind them. You can quickly make an I.O.U or an U.O.Me and show it to them or save it an send it as an e-mail MMS or post it on your social network site. The note will be in your camera roll to do with as you please.

Easy to use, just tap and type. Tap the bottom of the screen to swap from IOU’s to UOMe’s. Do a screen shot and your little special note is in your camera roll.

The next version is already submitted to the app store, making it easier to save your I.O.U’s and’s

* these are not legal tender and can’t really get you anything except a good laugh. Use them wisely and often.

Win promo codes

First 10 people who will follow me ( @murdaFSM ) and Zeke ( @vonswankoFSM ) on twitter and tweet this: ” PayUpSucker: Easy I.O.U Maker for iPhone and iPod Touch #PUS ” will receive a promo code via DM .