HOW TO: Patch to Show Jailbroken Preference Bundles in iOS 5

Here’s the story: every tweak that has its own settings in the uses PreferenceLoader to get there. In iOS 5 PreferenceLoader is working… sorta. Dustin Howett, the guy who wrote PreferenceLoader, said he is not going to fix it until iOS 5 goes public, and whoever needs it at the moment, should be savvy enough to work around it. Fair enough…

The thing is, not everybody is a coder, and some of the people that are rocking iOS5 beta at the moment are just testers. Obviously not everybody should be on iOS 5 at the moment, there’s no argument here. But if you have a registered iOS 5 device, nobody should tell you that you can’t test stuff out. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to patch the to show the preference bundle in iOS 5. Let’s get to it.

1. Go to the Mac App Store and get the latest version of Xcode and install it( if you’re a dev on iOS 5, you should already have it )

2. Go to Filippo Biga’s github and download settings patcher

3. Unzip it, and open terminal

4.  In terminal type cd path_to_FilippoBiga-iOS-Utilities-5c70846 2_settings_patcher_osx and press enter ( or just browse to the osx folder, type cd and drag and drop the osx folder in terminal )

5. Type make and press enter

6. Inside the osx folder you should see a new file

7. SSH into your iOS device and drop the new file into /usr/bin/

8. Restart your device and enjoy